Pioneer Home Entertainment 2014-2015 Products Preview

Japanese manufacturers are admirable, mostly because of qualities they’re famous for; above all, being methodical. So just like a predator preying on its victim, they intelligently target their consumers:

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Pioneer MVH-P8200BT/MVH-P8200 Mech-Free Digital Media Receivers Review (MVH-8200BT/MVH-8200, MVH-8250BT/MVH-8250 Varietally)

This article is a review of the Pioneer MVH-8200 family of mech-free music video headunits—Pioneer’s first steps towards tossing out the often-unused CD drive. These single-DIN mech-free receivers include MVH-P8200BT, MVH-P8200, MVH-8200BT, MVH-8200, MVH-8250BT, and MVH-8250. Continue reading

Hooking Up an HDD to Pioneer Car Audio CD-UB100 USB Adapter

The following article is a review of Pioneer CD-UB100 and how to format a portable hard disk to work with Pioneer’s USB adapter. Continue reading

American Wire Gauge and AWG Table for Bare Copper Wire

Located at, this page was originally part of my member homepage before it turned commercial.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) provides a standard for measure of the thickness of copper, aluminum and other wirings in the United States and other countries.

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