Komeil Bahmanpour

Komeil Bahmanpour is a software architect, systems analyst, author, and cofounder of Chortkeh.

Open Directory Project

Persian Mozilla The official website of Persian Open Directory Project is accessible at www.dmoz.ir. Netscape’s Open Directory Project is the largest human-edited directory of the web.

The Unicode Standard

Where Komeil Bahmanpour comes from, multilingual computing, internationalization, and localization of computer software have always been essential. So, from the very beginning, I mean since 1992, Komeil Bahmanpour has been active in bidirectional software design and development. It was well before Unicode’s widespread and predominant use, but he found himself amazed with how successful Unicode was at unifying character sets, and since 2000, he’s been a contributor to the development of the Unicode Standard, mostly focusing on right-to-left scripts of Arabic (including Persian) and Hebrew.


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