Reverse Engineering FormFlow FRP File Format

A C++ program being developed in Borland C++Builder, the FormFlow converter I’m currently working on actually depends on reverse engineering the FormFlow FRP file format. It’s all about discovering the procedures Delrina engineers have taken many years ago to save their fillable electronic form structure.

Reverse engineering (RE) is only illegal if the software you are reversing is patented, not if it’s a trade secret.

Reverse engineering is legal for the purposes of interoperability. You are allowed to reverse engineer as long as it is for the purposes of making your software compatible with the reverse-engineered product.

I already have reverse-engineered some binary file formats.

Binary File Formats Reverse Engineering Requirements

  • A good reason why you want to crack the format at all—this is my job!
  • A lot of time
  • A lot of perseverance
  • A lot of creativity
  • Willingness to do repetitive tasks for hours and hours
  • Good understanding of how numbers and strings are represented in binary manner
  • Excellent command of the C programming language

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