Google Directory Updated after 5-Month Delay in the Long Run, Unchanged for a Year and a Half

Predictably, in the process of changing Persian DMOZ URLs from to we were mostly worried about the PageRank issue. Listed sites’ PageRank will be reevaluated based upon the new Project’s URL PageRank and its Persian Portal, as well.

For the last time in the recent year and a half, Google has updated Google Directory database on February 19, 2006 using ODP’s January 27, 2006 RDF Dump. Expecting an update by the late Winter 2007, we scheduled the URL change to start in February 2007.

Unlike others, I wasn’t optimistic about Google’s update and have been expecting it by the late Spring 2007; but being worse than what I’ve been expecting, it is late Summer now, and after a 5-month delay, Google Directory finally updated the information it takes from DMOZ on August 18, 2007, to include the RDF dump for updates as of August 7, 2007.

I hope Googlebot is not as lazy as its owners.


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