Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer 2.0

The latest build of BDFViewer as of May 14, 2009 which supports Unicode BDF font files is available to download at Komeil’s mirror of Chortkeh Font Toolbox. Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer is a part of Chortkeh Font Toolbox.

Chortkeh BDF Viewer 2.0 showing Unicode glyphs

Download Links

  • Download Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer 2.0, May 14, 2009 as a 238 kB (244,260 bytes) CAB file which should extract to a 589 kB (603,136 bytes) EXE file

BDFViewer Version Modifications and Enhancements

  • Fixed bug with default glyph selection when file is opened
  • Supported Unicode range
  • Supported dynamic display, so only defined glyphs are listed
  • Supported dynamic grid fitting
  • Optimized client size for 1024×768 screens
  • Optimized render algorithm
  • Supported glyphs with dimensions up to 64×80 pixels
  • Changed user interface font to Tahoma
  • Removed WebLink
  • Migrated to Borland C++Builder 6

About Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer

The roots of Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer return back to 2002, when it’s been started on January 8, 2002, as part of Chortkeh Font Toolbox. BDFViewer is a tool for viewing files in Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format in Windows generated by different programs such as Microsoft SBIT32.exe (part of Microsoft TrueType SDK) and Mark Leisher’s TTF2BDF.exe / OTF2BDF.exe (OpenType to BDF Converter) et al. Chortkeh BDF Viewer for Windows is able to process BDF files including Unicode glyphs up to 64×80 pixels as of version 2.0.

Functional Information and System Requirements

BDF Viewer is a stand-alone 32-bit portable executable (meaning no need to install, just run the single executable file) not dependant to any special API which runs smoothly on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7.

Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

This computer program is freeware, provided AS IS, with no warranties expressed or implied.

How To Extract TrueType BDF Glyphs Using Microsoft SBIT32.exe

SBIT32.EXE [-v] -x in.ttf in.met out.bdf

where the “in.met” (called a “metric” file) should include the following line:

PPEM x-value-in-points [y-value-in-points]

How To Extract OpenType/TrueType BDF Glyphs Using Mark Leisher’s TTF2BDF.exe / OTF2BDF.exe

OTF2BDF.exe -p size-in-points -o out.bdf in.{ttf/otf}

Because both TTF2BDF.exe and OTF2BDF.exe applications use the unknown TMPDIR environment variable instead of TEMP, make sure to run the following command before calling, or you’ll get “unable to open temporary file” error:

set tmpdir=%temp%

Please note TTF2BDF requires cygwin1.dll while OTF2BDF requires freetype6.dll and zlib1.dll all available to download here.

Download Older Versions

  • Download Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer 1.1, January 19, 2002
  • Download Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer 1.0, January 16, 2002

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